About Us


Top Packing and Residential Moving Services is a family owned company that is now a household name in all parts of the world. Our popularity and the reputation that we have managed to achieve so far did not come easy, we have to make major sacrifices and changes on how we operate to stay ahead of competition.

Even though competition is not a major concern to us, we do work smart to make sure that we are always the go-to company for anyone looking for moving services. We specialize in residential moving services at the moment but very soon we will start to offer office moving and other sophisticated services that we are sure you will love.

The pricing system that is transparent and ideal for all customers is one of the major things that actually help us to sell our services to the current and the upcoming clients. They love the fact that they get to know the specific amount of money that they are going to spend on the services even before they book an appointment with us. They also love our major discounts that are not just cut to suit the name discounts but to save them money.

Call us today and we will respond and come to your rescue. Even if you are relocating to a different country, we have international moving packages for you that are affordable, tested and verified by millions of clients.

Thank you.